Career progression options in nursing

Nursing students have many options to explore when advancing in the field. Nurses will require further studies to help them go further in their work. The efforts necessary to get there can be extensive, but they will all be worthwhile. Nurses are in high demand today, and they are being paid more money than ever before. Those with more duties or detailed methods of working will be more likely to receive a higher salary.

Certified Nursing Assistant

The first career option for a nurse involves becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA. A CNA will undergo a thorough training program to become an assistant. The person will help care for hospital patients and provide essential services while working alongside other doctors and nurses.

Licensed Practical Nurse

A student can then become a Licensed Practice Nurse, or LPN. An LPN will provide further support for students, including administering medication, supervising patient vital signs, and providing other essential care services. LPNs can study at technical schools to attain a Practical Nursing Diploma.

Registered Nurse

After several years of experience, an LPN can progress to being a Registered Nurse, or RN. A student can attain a Bachelor’s degree to become an RN.

An RN will perform more duties, including recording patient medical data and symptoms, establishing care programs, and completing diagnostic tests. Nurses can recommend many healthcare solutions to patients, including efforts like a thorough fitness exercise program. Some RNs can work in specific industries, including pediatric or neonatal nurses.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Another career option to explore involves becoming an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, or APRN. A student can find many online programs to help take the next step and become an APRN. Online DNP programs are a good option for students who want to enter the field, and Wilkes University has a program that people can take.

An APRN will perform more detailed tasks, like ordering and reviewing tests, diagnosing various conditions, and referring patients to specialists as necessary. An APRN can also perform in one of many specialty fields, including as a nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist, or nurse midwife. APRNs can participate in various in-depth practices that require multiple professionals to help, including everything from total knee replacement surgery to chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients.

A student can apply for enrollment in an online DNP program and then complete the necessary courses. It can take about two years on average for a student to finish this program, although there are flexible times when students can start and complete their studies. Further clinical experience or certification may be necessary, although the rules for doing so can vary by state.

Explore your path in nursing

The nursing field is vast and includes many options for study. A nurse can advance in one’s career and become an APRN through plenty of work and experience. An online DNP program like the one that Wilkes University provides can help students learn more about their fields and how to succeed.

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