Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) is based on the principles of improving sexual function, maximizing physical health, and improving quality of life for the man and his partner. While the principles of treatment are the same, each man is unique. He brings his symptoms, underlying medical conditions, and social, educational, and religious context to the clinical encounter. This makes it critical to tailor treatment to the man and his partner’s needs.

There are several treatment options available to help men with erectile dysfunction achieve an erection. Penile implants are an option for patients with severe erectile dysfunction. These implants can be manually adjusted to match the size of the penis. However, the procedure is only effective in cases of severe erectile dysfunction, and patient satisfaction and complication rates vary widely. Some patients may even opt to remove the implant at some point in the future.

Although occasional erectile dysfunction is a common part of life, continuous and prolonged erectile problems can be a sign of a more serious underlying physical illness. If you’re experiencing a consistent lack of erections, a doctor from a men’s clinic in Atlanta or your local area can investigate the cause of your condition and recommend the best treatment plan for you. Treatments may include lifestyle changes, nutritional counseling, and prescription medications.

The most common treatments for erectile dysfunction include taking medicines to help achieve a firmer erection. These medications may be taken orally, or may be injected into the penis. A doctor will prescribe these medications for you. Some of them can be taken daily or on an as-needed basis.

The use of prescription drugs such as tetracyclic antidepressants has been linked to erectile dysfunction. Often, these drugs are combined with other drugs to enhance blood flow and promote an erection. Drug combinations may be more effective and are less likely to cause adverse side effects.

In addition to medications, therapy for erectile dysfunction involves counselling and therapy. Often, a medical condition, such as diabetes, is the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction. In addition to counseling and medications, patients may undergo a variety of physical treatments to help restore sex.

New treatments and therapies for erectile dysfunction continue to develop. New scientific findings are helping doctors to identify treatments that work and avoid side effects. New pharmacotherapeutics are being developed based on advances in neurophysiology and biochemistry. Aside from drugs, new technologies are developing in surgical procedures to help men overcome erectile dysfunction.

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