Beta-Alanine Itching: Causes and How to Stop It

Beta-alanine is an essential element in exercise and other activities. It helps you increase the levels of carnosine in your muscles. As a result, it improves endurance and reduces fatigue during workouts. However, beta-alanine causes an itching sensation as one of its side effects. The feeling is a nuisance, and you’ll need to learn more about it to prevent it.

Causes of Beta-Alanine itching

Knowing the causes is crucial to understanding why does beta-alanine cause an itching sensation. The effect may be due to the activation of the g-protein receptor by beta-alanine. These receptors transmit signals throughout your central nervous system, causing the tinges. Other causes include:

  • Ethnicity: People from different ethnic groups will experience varying itching sensations.
  • Dosage: The amount of beta-alanine intake can impact the itching effect. If you take a high dose, you will feel more tingling effects.
  • Sex: itching sensation is more frequent in females than males.
  • Body size: You’ll experience more itching than someone weighing more than you.

How to stop the itching effect

Itching is uncomfortable, and it’s hard to live with it. And as discussed above, the severity and duration of the itching effect greatly depend on your dose. If you’re a consistent user, the issue won’t last long. Therefore, it’s essential to consult a doctor to get advice on whether to increase or continue with the dose.

You can stop it by:

  • Taking a lower dose: using a lower dose will lessen the paresthesia greatly, and you can increase it later. The recommended dose is 4 to 6 g/day of beta-alanine. The amount will increase carnosine concentration without adverse side effects.
  • Spread your dose: Instead of taking it all at once, spreading the dose is advisable. Spreading will ensure you continue to take the same carnosine levels without causing side effects.
  • Take it with food: taking beta-alanine with a meal will help you slow down its absorption. As a result, it will lower the intensity of the itch sensation.
  • Use a sustained-release beta-alanine: The products have unique designs to slowly release beta-alanine into your body from a single dose. It enables you to take more beta-alanine without exceptionally high spikes.
  • Include BetaPrimeTM in your beta-alanine formula: BetaPrimeTM is a patented blend of nutraceuticals, including magnesium and other amino acids and herbs. The combination is effective in reducing the itching sensation.

Moreover, you can start using beta-alanine during the day. Doing this will result in fewer muscle sensations and breathing difficulties. If you notice breathing difficulties and severe muscle sensations, it’s advisable to consult a doctor.

Is beta-alanine itch dangerous?

Beta-alanine itch is generally considered harmless. However, the feeling can be uncomfortable and unpleasant for many. If so, you must reduce your dose or get an alternative source.

How long does the beta-alanine itching effect last?

The duration of the itching sensation varies and depends on numerous factors. But generally, the feeling starts after fifteen minutes and should last about thirty minutes. If it persists, it’s advisable to consult a doctor.


Beta-alanine is essential in improving exercise performance. It helps you improve muscular endurance, increase lean mass, reduce fatigue, and more. However, it causes beta-alanine itch, a harmless but uncomfortable tingling sensation in the skin. If it bothers you, the following article will assist you in treating it

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