4 Popular Treatments Offered by Laser Clinics

These days,it’s easier than ever to find a laser clinic in Bundoora offering a wide range of services. However, it’s important to be properlyinformed of each treatment before you undergo one to ensure the best results. Read on to find out four of the most popular treatments offered by laser clinics.

Fat Reduction Treatments

Fat reduction treatments in laser clinics are the perfect option for people who are finding it difficult to lose a few kilograms. With a laser body sculpting treatment, you can target difficult areas in order to achieve the body that you’ve always wanted. The fat reduction treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical. It uses radiofrequency waves to deliver deep-heat to targeted areas of the body, which then causes the breakdown of fat cells. Some of the common areas that can be targeted include tummy bulges, hips and thighs, post baby belly, back fat, upper arms, and double chins. The fat reduction treatment usually takes around one hour and causes minimal pain.

Hair Removal Treatments

Laser hair removal in Bundoora is one of the most efficient ways to remove unwanted hair from your body. It’s a controlled method that specifically targets an area by destroying the roots of the hair with a concentrated laser beam. The laser is directed to the melanin within the hair follicle and is converted into heat energy. This energy grows to a critical level, at which point it destroys the follicle and hinders the hair’s ability to grow. Laser hair removal is not limited to a particular skin colour, hair colour or hair thickness,making itsuitable for most people. However, people with dark hair typically respond better to laser and IPL treatments. This is because their hair contains a higher concentration of melanin and absorbs certain wavelengths more effectively than white, blond and grey hair.

Pigmentation Treatments

A laser clinic in Bundoora can remove or considerably reduce the visible signs of skin pigmentation that may be caused by the sun, ageing or genetics. Skin pigmentation treatments work by removing pigmentation from the skin using a laser. The laser light causes the cells in the skin to heat up and become damaged, forcing the body to shed those dead cells. As the pigmented cells rise to the surface, the skin appears to darken. Some people might experience light scabbing. However, after about one or two weeks, the pigmentation in the skin will either disappear completely or significantly lighten. A few sessions may be needed to get your skin looking exactly how you want it.

Anti-Ageing Treatments

Many laser clinics offer anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers that can help reduce the signs of ageing and restore balance and symmetry to your face. Injections and fillers are non-surgical but do involve penetrating the skin with a very small, fine needle. Anti-wrinkle injections can be used for crow’s feet and wrinkles in the eye area, the glabella between the brow, lip lines, smoker’s lines, cheek lines, forehead lines and more.

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