Natural and Effective Ways to Relieve Joint and Back Pain

Although it is a nearly perfectly designed machine, it is inevitable that sometimes our body hurts. And among the most common pains that we can get to feel, is the pain of the joints and the back.

Both ailments present for many reasons. For this reason, there are countless products on the market to calm them, from gel to anesthetic creams, pills and balms. If you want to know what to use and do for pain relief, read on.

Causes of joint and back pain

As we already mentioned, joint and back pain are those that most affect the world population. Both adults and young people, as they are linked to different factors.

In the case of back pain, it can occur due to tiredness, poor posture, trauma, stress or a herniated disc. While the joints can hurt due to arthritis, wear and tear or when we exercise intensively.

Having any of these two conditions limits the mobility of the body and this undoubtedly affects our daily life. Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid, reduce, and alleviate these aches. Either applying different techniques or using medications.

Ways to maintain joint health

Stay active

Staying on the move decreases muscle stiffness, strengthens the muscles around the joints, and reduces pain. So do range exercises like stretching, bending, or twisting each joint, that will help keep them functional.

Protect your joints

This is achieved by reducing the stress load on the joints, for this you must avoid activities that strain them. In addition, he should be given rest and not force any activity that is out of proper body mechanics.

Maintain an ideal weight

When you are overweight, your joints, especially those that support weight, such as your knees, suffer and tend to hurt. Hence, it is important to maintain a weight according to your height.

Have an anti-inflammatory diet

It consists of consuming more foods that decrease inflammation and fewer of those that increase it. A good suggestion is the Mediterranean diet.

Do low impact exercises

Swimming, walking, and biking are low-impact exercises that minimize stress on the joints. You can do them in routines of 20 to 30 minutes three times a week.

Get vitamin D and calcium

When you have a low calcium level, you are prone to bone loss or fractures. While vitamin D contribute to the absorption of calcium. So consuming both helps maintain healthy bones.

How to reduce back pain

Back pain can occur in the upper, middle or lower part of it. Now no matter where you are, you can follow these tips to ease it:


Just for a few minutes try to lie down or sit so that your back is completely flat. In this way you will breathe better and the muscle fibers will be released, relieving your pain. It also avoids being in the same position for a long time.

Apply a self-massage or a warm compress

In the regions where there is more pain you can massage yourself using a cream or oil with pain relievers. You can also apply a warm compress for 20 minutes to the exact area where you feel pain.

Sleep in a good position

Whether you sleep on your back or on your side, try to support your head well on a not very soft pillow. If you sleep on your side, also place a pillow between your legs to have better support and therefore more rest.

Maintain a proper weight

If you are overweight you will overload your joints and they will cause pain. Therefore, maintain a balanced diet that helps you maintain an adequate weight.

Lower stress or anxiety

When you are stressed or anxious you have muscle tension, so your back will feel sore. That is why you should minimize these two states of mind.

Stretch and avoid falls

Some stretching exercises help relieve back pain and muscle tension. Do them very carefully. It is also important that you avoid falls, as these will aggravate pain.

Improve your posture

Try to sit and walk with your back, if you find it difficult you can do postural reeducation sessions with the help of a physical therapist.

Creams for Pain Relief

If by following all these recommendations your pain persists, you should know that there are various medications on the market that will help you. The most relevant and used are creams, which are mostly over the counter.

These creams generally contain one of several natural assets that help decrease pain by rubbing them on the affected area. Among the most used assets for its elaboration are silicon, mint, ginger and arnica. Also, consider.  hemp, aloe vera and emu oil. Many of them serve as anti-inflammatory, without generating burning in the skin.

Another way to relieve pain is by using anesthetic creams, which as the name implies contains anesthetic assets such as lidocaine and prilocaine. When rubbed, these topical lidocaine gel creams are absorbed through the skin, providing a cold sensation and offering relief. The disadvantage of many of these types of products is that some are only available with a medical prescription, but others are available over-the-counter and online.

Emu oil: A great ally against pain

As we mentioned, emu oil is one of the components used to make creams that relieve pain. This is due to the fact that the fatty acids it contains have anti-inflammatory properties.

That is why when applied it helps to combat muscle pain and inflammation.

This oil is obtained from the fat that is lodged under the skin of the emu, bird considered the second largest in the world. In addition to having an analgesic and anti-inflammatory power, it serves as a regenerator and moisturizer for the skin, without causing side effects.

  • Acts as anti-wrinkle and fights acne, stretch marks and dark circles.
  • Helps stop hair loss.
  • Contributes to reduce scars and improve diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and ichthyosis.
  • They hydrate the skin.
  • Fights lice and contributes to hair care.

Now, if following the recommendations and using the medications shown here, your pain persists, you should go to the doctor. There, if necessary, they will do more advanced tests such as x-rays to determine the origin of your discomfort. Based on this, they will indicate a treatment.

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